(+) and (-) come together
The mathematician has twinkly
A different story for me , aroha ,
I perceive.
The unlike and like mutualised  by a strong figure.
In the laboratory such would be a symbiosis. Love under the shade of a blue moon!
As a brush slugged tight in painter’s palm
It brightens and brings to life , coitus .
CR7’s strong hit , aroha scores into the sweet gate , Semen!
Pilot’s compasses , All are but a shadow led by True Affection …
Loving can hurt as Doctor’s injection , as the medicine will fight enemies , love heals ! Earth rotating swiftly ,on the Doc’s neck , a stethoscope !
Damn ! That punch that destroyed McGregor , Mayweather’s hand raised, Love raises the head to the beautiful Eastern Horizon , a sparking eyeglow of the Sun !
Miner’s deep dug into earth, for the precious , yours sweetheart is the red sunk deep into the furrows of mine heart .
The abstract takes material as the lips touch , brick and mortar the builder’s glue .
NASA lingers not , breaks into space , the arrow pierced our hearts from baby Cupid .
“Good morning class,” Teacher: Aroha has a note for the Universe .
Had to nick love , you can’t police for it’s null and void is sufferable not .
What the binocular draweth not near , Aroha made succinct.
Oh Aroha , thou glowest .
Shame to Heartbreak , she swarthy .
A gargoyle is Hatred !

Zimbabwean Lives Matter , The poem (2)

Teapot-shaped map , Zim
Firewood in gory , can’t boil.
Flag so colourful yet He who raises it , Zombie !

“We fought against imperialism”
Yes , they had to get rid of a foreign vulture to house the internal Beast !
Ed…Edition of Blood raindrops falling from mighty sky !
Cry , chema Motherland !
Zi, a  single man’s possession ?
We , the 14 million are to Him pawns for Political Chess .
Not a pawn am I , but a citizen whose strength awaits awake when we All Unite .

We bond not the Toilet Paper!
Oh my beautiful Zimbabwe .
Teapot map…Let it Boil.
Zimbabwean Lives Matter !

Zimbabwean Lives Matter ! The poem

All calendar days matter
But one is sanctified yet flapdoodle .
April 18th…
Who knows not the April 18th song?
But who can touch that which is of April 18th ?
Antediluvian , power party defaecated into the independence pot…
Now feeding children have mouths full of sh*t.
Largest inland Lake Kariba , baba , why tinker’s dam micturition in our precious flower garden ?Cathaya and Muhacha , Damn that synergy !
Red China+ Black Zim= Hell
Dug deep into a snake pit , Zimbabwean hollo  for life , unhearable .
Indigent Zimbabwe has precious life ,
Kill not younker  for your pudden-head raj.
Zimbabwean Lives Matter!

Sad Poetry

A lover’s jilted call ,
turned heartsick .
The pain causes rough pen movement  on paper.
Gravelly An Expression .
An innocent man caught up at a pugnacious act
Watery eyes .
Floyd G , cold blood murder
Tears babble visage .
Droplets land on paper
Pen becomes too pricky  for yet a soft surface .

Ballpoint rents clean paper
The novel virus , catastrophic for a penetrable earth .
Sadly , made so by Sin.
Aroma of Death blocks the deodorant olfactory .

Vino is tasteless for the dipsomaniac :
Blood , he sips
Terror , who knows my flesh is up for deglutition !
This poet is too sad!

The Accident(Sonnet 2)

    They want the serous talent to just be a ghost ,
    One whose presence on death bed will make frost ,
    No Pity! For the half-dead body of a Youth :
    Youth’s deterioration awards grey hair and a mind wisdom to burst myth .
    From the dustiest earth he rocketed ,
    From the top , Sun laughed
    A kick through heat broke the vision rocket :
    Landing him on the stars , things fall apart.
    Dwelt in dark house of million compartments ,
    Whose window curtain is night- bright with star lights ,
    World saw glory but reality , accident :
    Planned not did he for a star resident
    From his dream , the Sun forced him a sorrowful repent .

Father-Nun(Sonnet 1)

   “To the Most High , Be the glory ,” on the pulpit ,
   Before men , A Reverend Father  before God , a culprit .
   Following a decree to refrain from the naturel :
   Of the Father’s , Nun knows everything au naturel ,
   Twinkly yet burning heart , salt they eat in the day :
   One act for darkness , ” bring the sugar vessel in a tray “
   Father eyes Nun , in the pants one becomes rabid ,
   In the prayer room , semen rancid .
   In the Church Orphanage are seeds Father had to sire :
   Holy Gown saves him from illegitimate parental mire.
   She wears a veil , only to strip naked in the sanctum :
   Caught in state of Spiritual doldrum .
   Too Holy for Profane ?
   Why Bible cover as medicament against acne ?

Africa With Maths 2

Little Phoebe on the hand
The same hand holding the pen
and fail to compute the equation of the pentad .

Is this the mathematics of human?
Mind controls the hand, too  stupid .Can’t make out the
Numbers for the arithmetician,
The political chassis has them for confusion and exploitation of the too-numbered populace.
Yes , there is Maths in Africa ,
that we can calculate not !
Risible , indeed !

Africa With Maths 1

1 + 1 = 2
Simple maths from elementary school teacher !
1 x 1 = 1 , you can’t get more .
Boy with boy, you can’t get more!
Homosexuality , they told me.
But – x – = + , why can’t she proceed with a she ?

1 x 1 = 1
Rume rimwe harikombe churu !
Foolishness , solitude…
1 + 1  = 2 , why not African with African for more ?
Damn the (x) sign , more (+) I guess !
1 + 1 = 2
Simple maths from elementary school teacher .
Elementary she not ,
Life coach , yeah , she is !


At the first House stands
An adult tombstone , shiny – polished
“Elected Leader ” it is written!
It was an Elphialtes , woke up covered in sweat and tears .

Now the existent expression:
Leader launches National clean-up
To protect the environment
Dictionary of environment : natural life on earth .
They demonstrate , Leader calls
“beat them .”
So killing nature ?
Notice the confusion
Tall society figure , an element
of Discombobulation !
The Beauty of our Flag now in
Murkiness …

The Boomerang

Child calls out to Father ” let’s make a kite “
In the beautiful sky it will glide , raising up my head
And our hope and focus won’t be down .

” No , child , have this boomerang .” Old Father yet wisdom indigent .Child , ” but Father it’s made of steel .”
Yes , it is strong and will teach you to handle life the hardway .
Wsssshh! It is thrown .
Next , the child wails and not to mention the catastrophic damage to the visage , it is !
A boomerang of Stupidity , it is !
A boomerang of Agony , it is !
A boomerang of Sharp Blades , it is !
The Ruling Party , it is !

_By Wordsmith Lee

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