The Switch

Less Is More:
Multitudinous in anthill
Yet one in lion’s den has but kill!

More is Less:
Hundreds among family of rat,
Die away from one cat!


” As” (2)

As sunrise pointed new day,

Cast not your desire as prey.

As hungry dog vicious and wildly,

Caress your vision with want but widely.

As golden privilege of inhale,

Caterer, not to future, meal so pale.

As most keen be, release dream astray,

Cave all like fear and mockery.

As one earth smile to heaven,

Cursed be heathen, in goal congregation.

As you smile, with success met,

Cheese not hard as rest pointed night!


The 20 In Thulani

Raised to two scores of ten,
As breath has more airs in Thulani
“Father, howbeit expiry, I repine increase
That bears all teenage in lapse.”
The younker turning into man.
“Enter, world of move as per suss, Thulani
Son , thou enter spiderweb of droopy beaucoup
Where naivete is done in coop.”
Your persona essence more rosemary
As on Fete Del Fuego, speak so fiery!
We music a holler of jocundity
And dance a drum’s beat in hilarity.
As October 9 rushes zero to twenties,
Splendor field fruits cherries!

                                             ~Words Of Lee ™


Death In Love

The earth rotates around the Sun

Time races-by in fast motion!

Pillars of greatness turn all sepulcher

Kardashain beauty goes deep and lies meager

To be a mineral mined far millennium part,

Life is ugly thought this rare poet!

“Will welcome and bye you, ” says the Immortal

As babe and old have it in perennial.

No more slumber, I shall lick your sweet

My love, while it be last!

Turned uxorious as fear

Of lovelorn towards my dear.

Now my mouth has carmine on lip,

For your kisses were too sharp!

Love, thee monster that kills

Yet all crave emotional thrills.

Tell me not the STI hid in sacred cave

As you enter that which is loved by server in nave.

To love is to bring death before his schedule!

So consider me a solo mule!


Crushing Teenage WRLD

When the shy guy,

Looking for a two-ply:

Told his crush how he felt,

Strong bag of heft.

How marvelous it were for he!

How manipulative, it made she!

Herculean vigor :

For emotional package in rounded figure.

The feel of lips shows her flair,

And how UV glows her hair.

Boy, it’s too much for you’re of poor sight,

But if it be blinded love, she under would melt.

Just let loose,

Cut own, antler, may or not, less, be moose

And yours runs wildly in forest.

Endear rest.

Gently caress the morrow she:

Definite two, he and she.

Morrow, she has you on her breast, crush.

Damn, the to-day crush!


Rhyme A Lament!

Life that swims death!
Feet in water, stand to groaning teeth.
How mighty Titanic was made!
How sorrowful it capsized!
A mouth spoke, words keen as knife:
‘Water is Life! ‘
A mouth spoke last in tragic,
When its host drowned in Pacific.
Armed with hook and worm,
Peter took to dam,
A big catch smiled visage
And turned life as waste in sewage,
As he swum in merriment.
Pen had to rhyme a lament!


My virtual family.

To date, this blog has more than 20 wonderful literature pieces and the movement is moved by your support. The wonder lies not in my sweat but in your kerchiefs that wipe it through your reading,  likes and following. We have become like a family bonding virtually… I love you all. Thank you for your outstanding support. This is only the beginning,  I shall serve more goodies on this table.


Shocked, Shall I Not Mourn?

Shall I not mourn?

The collapse of our nation,

Unity has had to sojourn.

To a far away land,

Shall it be homeland?

Have this as end!

Shall I continue in slumber?

For I dream we, one member.


Africa In Night (sonnet)

My night is dark!
Dark glumness reigns,  for sleeper’s ear is the cantabile lark.
Night agent, drowsy conquers slave by luck.
Fortuna has abandoned him,  he thinks,
She looks at freedom,  grieving, one ship that sinks!
Pink-nose boss illtreats him under the hot sun,
Nature against him, at night one shiny white moon.
The black in a white man is racism.
Gone is R.W.E and so is spirit of transcendentalism!
No honor,  sweet tea in cup of Darwinism,
Scrap white paint on tombstones of Afrocentrism.
Skull shaped continent,  where the heart is At.
My dear Africa,  if yours is the night,
Thine be million stars pointing to Light!


Lee, Rare Poetry (1)

Poetry that manifests sadism,

Pleasure to reader, masochism!

Metaphors, similes,sarcasm

All birth sesquipedalianism!

Pen and paper, personal lethal arm!